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Corporate Advisory

  • 5X provides advisory services that assists our clients with capital markets strategy as well as optimizing their communications with investors.
  • 5x offers mergers and acquisitions advisory services. We work with our clients through every stage of the way including sourcing opportunities, assisting with due diligence, and resolving any transaction issues that arise throughout the process.

Strategic Capital‚Äč

  • 5X can facilitate financing to your company. We have the knowledge, experience, and network to construct the optimal capital structure for your business and structure deals to provide the best return for shareholders and investors.
  • 5X can facilitate a wide range of creative financing solutions ranging from bridge loans, convertible debentures, straight debt, and equity.

Financial Services

  • 5X can advise on the optimal strategy whether it is an RTO, IPO, Direct listing etc.
  • 5X can help source and structure the ideal vehicle for our clients.
  • 5X guides our clients through the legal, compliance, and regulatory hurdles.